Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Quick Amsterdam

It was an unexpected choice that we made in early December. We bought the tickets to attend an international event in terms of "trance music" called ASOT (A State of Trance). The fact that we booked it so early made me recover economically when the time had arrived, and this makes me feel better now. My boyfriend, a friend of him, his friend's girlfriend and myself. The expedition was quick and not relaxing at all. Better said intense. I had never been in Amsterdam and either in a festival like that, it surprised me, but I have to say that the red light district (also known as "de Walletjes") took more amazingly my attention. Seeing girls displaying themselves in some kind of showcases impacted me a lot. I felt it strange, even disgusting.  I've come back satisfied knowing that one can live without all that addictions, but a little bit confused. However, I think that this Dutch city has many nice things to explore and remember if you avoid all the bad habits it offers.

We left on Friday night and we took again the plane on Sunday morning. One night sleeping and the other one partying. This is one of those adventures that makes me feel young, I've enjoyed it.

In the photos below you'll see some of the good memories I got from this weekend. A festival full of people from many different countries, strangers between them but with similar music preferences. It was like a football match. But this time there were only one team to support, and this was led by Armin van Buuren. The futurist hotel, the bridges, the buildings and a market full of tulips. There are so many places remaining to be visited and specially be better photographed (both my baggage and my time were limited) , but I hope them to wait for me until another time.

Thursday, January 30, 2014

Winter Edition of 080

Today I attended the Winter edition of 080 Barcelona Fashion. The event is held during the whole week but, as always, I've been too busy to go there until this afternoon. So, I haven't had the opportunity to choose which catwalks I wanted to see and I've had to conform with whatever the organization had prepared for today. After all, I was lucky, a man from the security staff enabled me to sit in the front row to see Josep Abril collection. But that's not the best new, Andres Velencoso and Jon Kortajarena were part of the show! Finally, I got a drawing of myself from a great artist that was promoting the new Seat car by Mango. Now, if I look like the drawn girl is not a decision of mine, tell me, what do you think?

Sunday, November 10, 2013

A Classy Fall

Classy Oxford look and an animal print touch to make it warmer. That's the outfit which you'll see in this fall post. Hope you also like my Twin-Set bag and Pons Quintana wedges ;)